Frödinflies FITS TTT – Tungsten Turbo Tubes

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Another revolutionary fly tying product from Mikael. The TTT can be used in several different ways. Central is the high specific weight and a design that opens up soft materials without collapsing – all to create that perfect swimming fly. On the TTT you tie on the neck in front of the cone, lean the material against the back of the tube to create the perfect drop formed fly. As simple as genius! For those of you who prefer a lacquered tying thread head – there is enough room for that. If you prefer to finish your fly with a cone, just let it slide down tight in front of the tube. FITS TTT are made to fish with a loose hanging hook, lined with XS Tubing. But is just as good to integrate with M FITS Tubing. If you prefer to fish them loose hanging, M or S FITS Tubing is perfect to use as a short body and hook holder.

– Large: 8 mm diameter, 1,3 g
– Medium: 6 mm diameter, 0,9 g
– Small: 4 mm diameter, 0,5 g
– 10 tubes in each package

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S, M, L


Black Nickel, Gold, Silver, Copper, Fluo Orange, Chartreuse Metallic, Orange Metallic


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