Frödinflies Pheasant Rump Feather Pack

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To hackle all sorts of salmon and sea trout flies pheasant rump feathers been very popular. The feathers are a mix between a regular soft hen hackle and the very mobile heron hackles. Pheasant feathers are durable, swims good and gives good volume. We have sourced very good quality small to medium/large feathers and have them dyed in the most popular colour range. Dyed spotted natural or bleached and dyed clear colours. This unique pack gives you 5 of each in 20 colours a total of minimum 100 feathers.

– 1 x Small SOS Organizing Wallet
– 5 x dyed deep purple
– 5 x dyed lion yellow
– 5 x dyed scarlet red
– 5 x dyed light blue
– 5 x dyed chartreuse green
– 5 x dyed greenlander green
– 5 x dyed hot magenta
– 5 x dyed burnt orange
– 5 x dyed golden yellow
– 5 x dyed fiery brown
– 5 x bleached/dyed deep purple
– 5 x bleached/dyed lion yellow
– 5 x bleached/dyed scarlet red
– 5 x bleached/dyed light blue
– 5 x bleached/dyed chartreuse green
– 5 x bleached/dyed greenlander green
– 5 x bleached/dyed hot magenta
– 5 x bleached/dyed burnt orange
– 5 x bleached/dyed golden yellow
– 5 x bleached/dyed fiery brown


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