Frödinflies SSS Flash Wing Flash

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Långa och fina hanks med flash till dina blingigaste vårtuber.

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The SSS Flash Wing Flash is designed to achieve both volume and movement without the use of hair fibers. It features crinkle fibers in unique colour blends, ensuring that the flash remains untangled and provides lifelike motion without collapsing. We recommend using it on our TTT and BTT tubes, paired with a synthetic underwing to enhance buoyancy and support the soft swimming fibers. This version offers increased volume compared to the regular SSS Flash. We typically construct wings using two colours, with a darker shade on top. The deep colour spectrum adds sparkle and shine to the fly, giving it a vibrant, lifelike appearance in the water.

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Alta Gold, Charcoal Black, Clearwater Blue, Diamond Pearl, Evil Magenta, Gaudy Green, Hot Greenlander Green, Hot Magma Yellow, Hot Orange In Flames, Mickeli Blue, Nasty Rusty, Octopuzzy Red, Pahtakorva Bronze, Rainbow From Hell, Sea Lice Silver


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