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The REGAL REVOLUTION VISE is one of the most versatile and elegant vise ever produced. It is sold here with the Big Game Head and the C-Clamp mount.

The REVOLUTION VISE combines the ultimate hook holding power of their famous head design, and true in-line rotary function. You can rotate the vise for winding materials on the hook, or tighten the barrel and wrap materials in the traditional method. All REVOLUTION VISES are true in line rotary revolving around a 360° axis and articulating 220° up and down. This vise is available with many head and base options.

Their most versatile head is specifically built to tie saltwater and large fresh water flies from tarpon to bill fish, pike, musky, salmon and bass. It can accommodate hook sizes from size 22 to 5/0, and features two hook grooves machined into one side of the jaw. It holds large hooks extremely secure yet allows for tying hooks as small as size 22. From tarpon to trout, this is one great vise!

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Bronze Traditional Base, Bronze Pocket Base, C-Clamp


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